What Makes ‘The Ugliest Woman in the World’ Feel Beautiful

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Lizzie Velasquez Describes Beauty

When Lizzie Velasquez was born weighing just 2 pounds and 10 ounces, doctors took a Polaroid to her parents to prepare them.  She was born with neonatal progeroid syndrome, a condition that would affect her bones, eyes and heart, and make gaining weight very difficult. Without hesitation, her parents asked that their daughter be brought to them immediately.

With that supportive upbringing, Lizzie never was bothered about being different from everyone else. Until one day, 17-year-old Lizzie saw a viral video of herself on YouTube. Titled ‘The Ugliest Woman In The World’, the video featuring Lizzie’s photo was beyond cruel, and yet Lizzie couldn’t look away. She scrolled through the thousands of comments, looking and hoping. . .

“I was so desperate to find one person that was standing up for me,” she says. “And I never found it.”

But she knew that as much as this video crushed her, it would destroy her mom.  Watch as Lizzie shares her story, and her views on what ‘beauty’ means in this poignant new viral video below.

WATCH: What Makes ‘The Ugliest Woman in the World’ Feel Beautiful

h/t: Allure