Police Officer Escorts Elderly Man From The Bank

Police Officer Escorts Elderly Man From The Bank_everything inspirational

Officer Robert Josett went above and beyond when he responded to a call from a bank. The bank called the police department to report a customer who was not cooperating with their policy. The customer did not seem to understand and was really argumentative with the clerks at the bank. It was causing such a disturbance because he would not calm down. The bank wanted to have him removed from the premises, but Officer Josett had a better idea.

Officer Josett found that the non-compliant customer was a 92-year-old, Jesus Rangel. Jesus was trying to withdraw money from his account at that bank and was upset because his identification card was expired. It is against the bank’s policy for them to withdraw money with an expired ID. Certainly, the expectation was to have the police remove the elderly man from the scene, but Officer Josett came up with an even more effective solution.

Instead of simply escorting the old man off the premises and returning to his normal work routine, he chose to help him in a special way. He escorted Jesus in his car and drove him to the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles. He assisted him with the process of renewing his ID card and then took Jesus back to the bank with his now unexpired ID card. Jesus was finally able to withdraw his money from his bank account. He was thankful to have the help of Officer Josett.

One of the other officers took a picture of Jesus holding on the Officer Josett at DMV. The picture was in a post on the police department’s Facebook page giving kudos to Officer Josett. The post went viral and so many people thanked Officer Josett for being a kind hero that day.

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