He Asked The Homeless What They Wanted For Christmas

Christmas gifts for the homeless

Christmas Gifts For The Homeless

The YouTuber called The Random Altruist set out to see what those living on the streets wanted for Christmas. Their requests were surprisingly humble, with many people requesting basic items of food or simple clothing. And their reactions to being surprised with the items later on were sheer joy and gratitude. The video Christmas Gifts for the Homeless seems so sincere since it was shot with hidden cameras (Google glass) so no one realized they were being filmed.

What a reminder to be grateful for our blessings and look for opportunities when we can share them with others!

WATCH: Christmas Gifts for the Homeless

From the Random Altruist‘s YouTube channel: While most of us want the best phone or the biggest TV for the holidays, there are a lot of people out there who just need the basics like food and clothing. So this year, instead of shopping for people who already have a lot… I decided to spend my money shopping for people who don’t have much at all. All of this was filmed with Google Glass.