Amazing Husband Surprises Wife With A Birthday Car

Birthday Surprise

This adorable husband and wife are exactly what #relationshipgoals are made of. When YouTuber Coolie Sheppard realized he had enough money to replace his wife’s 15 year old car he knew it would be the perfect birthday surprise.

“My wife has been driving the same car for 15 years. It’s the one she said that she hopes one day she could have,” he explained.

Watching as he leads her to the car she always wanted had my heart pounding. When she opens her eyes and realizes this is her new car the tears start flowing. I gotta say I got awfully misty too.

“You didn’t….you didn’t”

Her reaction is so genuine. Man you can feel the love between these two. What an adorable surprise! Happy birthday!


Credit: Coolie Sheppard

h/t: 9 News