11 Of The Most Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ camel _ everything inspirational

For 8+ years, Junebug Weddings has done a contest of the best of the best wedding photography. We’re talking mind-blowingly beautiful wedding photos.  The 2016 compilation is amazing!

It’s one of the most memorable days in a person’s life – their wedding day. The standard family wedding photos at the church are a thing of the past. More and more couples are choosing to hire photographers that think outside of the box and take wedding photos to a whole new artistic level.

Junebug Weddings quickly realized that these works of art should be shared and began hosting a “Best of the Best” photo contest where photographers could submit their best work from that particular year in hopes of being included in the year-end compilation.  Out of nearly 9,000 submissions Junebug featured 50 unique wedding photos. Here are OUR 11 favorite pics from the 2016 contest:

1. Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Photos With Animals Top The List

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ camel _ everything inspirational
credit: Daniel Bohane

If there is a camel at your wedding, it needs to be featured.


2. Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Photos Show Location Is Key

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ water pool _ everything inspirational
credit: Dan O’Day

The aqua water against the coral wall is absolutely stunning.

3. Mind-Blowing Wedding Photos Show Storms As Beautiful

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ storm _ lightning _ everything inspirational
credit: Tara Lilly

Perfect timing! This photo captures the strength of the storm and the beauty of the couple in a perfect pairing.

4. Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Moments Above The Bustling City

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ city _ everything inspirational
credit: Danilo and Sharon Weddings

What a sweet moment!


5. Mind-Blowingly Wedding Photo Is So Powerful

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ waterfall _ everything inspirational
credit: Lukas Platek

This is a stunning photo – her dress is a perfect mirror of the waterfall!


6. Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Moment in the Clouds

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ clouds _ everything inspirational
credit: John Dennis

Talk about feeling on top of the world!


7. Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Dance

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ dance _ everything inspirational
credit: Robert Mauriell

We love this perfectly timed shot – it screams joy and excitement!

8. Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Photo Captures So Much Feeling

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ cliffs _ everything inspirational
credit: Gabe McClintock

This photo is stunning between the background, colors and the wind in her hair. It shares so much emotion from the moment.


9. Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Photos Use Sunlight Perfectly


Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ sunset _ everything inspirational
credit: Rachel Waters

We love the gentleness of this photo and the beauty of the sunlight touching the couple’s sweet embrace.


10. Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos Look Like A Fairy Tale

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _light streaming fog _ everything inspirational
credit: Lukas Platek

This amazing backdrop makes us feel like we are watching a fairy tale unfold. Gorgeous!


11. Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos Show Us How To Have Fun

Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Wedding Photos _ Glitter _ everything inspirational
credit: Gustavo Franco

What a creative shot using the car lights to add sparkle in a unique way!


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