Bride’s Dying Dog Makes It Down The Aisle As The Tears Flowed

dying dog carried down the wedding aisle

Bride’s Dying Dog Lives To See Her Get Married

It was Kelly O’Connell’s big day. And one very special wedding guest, her dying dog, was about to break all their hearts.

Charlie Bear, Kelly’s dog, was very ill, and it was very important to Kelly and her groom, James Garvin, that Charlie Bear be able to participate in their ceremony. The poor pup had been diagnosed with a brain tumor back in the spring and was very weak the day of the couple’s wedding.

When it became Charlie Bear’s turn to walk, the maid of honor scooped the large dog up in her arms and carried him down the aisle.

“Both of us just dropped to our knees and started crying,” Kelly said.


Sadly, Charlie Bear lost his battle with the terrible illness just days after the ceremony. But at least the bride had her beloved friend with her during her wedding, commemorated beautifully in her stunning photos.

On Facebook, the wedding photographer Jen Dziuvenis wrote, “When your beloved dog who is at the end of his life can’t make it back up the aisle and your sister scoops him up and carries him …. THAT is love. Sweet Charlie is this bride’s beloved dog. He has a brain tumor and is on his last few days on this planet. He used up all of his energy before the wedding and didn’t have the strength to make it back up the aisle – so the maid of honor scooped him up and carried him. She’s 5’3″. He’s 80 pounds. There isn’t enough mascara in the world for these moments. Dog people are the best people.”

source: ABC News