Loyal Dog Waits For Family Who Moved Without Him

abandoned dog waits a month after family moved away

Abandoned Dog Waits On Curb For Family

The family packed up their belongings and moved from the neighborhood. They took their trash to the curb including some dressers, a mattress, and a loyal pup named Boo. The heartbroken abandoned dog stood vigil, waiting for his beloved humans to return. . .for an entire month.

The sweet dog undoubtedly didn’t understand what had happened and so Boo climbed onto the mattress where scents may have been familiar, and he just waited. Neighbors would bring Boo water and food, but he refused to leave his post.

Then, Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue got a call, and founder Mike Diesel rushed to help.

abandoned dog boo waits
Detroit Youth And Dog Rescue

“He was just laying there, being his loyal self,” Mike said. “Being the loyal dog he was supposed to be, he waited for his master to come back.”

Mike knew he would have to earn Boo’s trust before he could really help him. And so he set out to make that happen.

On that first day, Mike spent 11 hours with Boo. Just talking to him and spending time with him, hoping to get Boo used to his company and his voice. He also spoiled the poor dog with fried chicken and hamburger. Mike stayed there until 2AM.

abandoned dog boo waits - eats food
Detroit Youth And Dog Rescue

The next day at 10AM, Mike returned, bringing Boo another treat–a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin. And this melted Boo’s resolve, allowing Mike to put a collar on Boo. “Once I got that on him, I walked him for about half an hour,” Mike said.

abandoned dog boo waits - wears a collar
Detroit Youth And Dog Rescue

Finally, Boo let Mike pick him up and put him in Mike’s truck where they would head straight to the vet. “We kind of talked to each other to make sure we understood each other’s feelings,” Mike said. “He knew I wasn’t going to hurt him.”

Detroit Youth And Dog Rescue
Detroit Youth And Dog Rescue

Boo’s still looking for his furr-ever home, but thanks to Mike’s efforts, Boo is trusting others again and will be ready to make someone an incredibly loyal companion!

abandoned dog boo waits - makes a friend
Detroit Youth And Dog Rescue

If you want to give Boo a forever home, reach out via Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue’s Facebook page. Or visit your own local shelter and adopt your own rescue pup or kitty!

h/t: thedodo