Look Closely to See What’s Hidden In This Photograph

artist johannes stotter - body paint

Artist Johannes Stötter – Amazing Hidden Images In Photographs

Artist Johannes Stötter is an Italian artist who known for creating photographs that all have something hidden right in plain view.

Johannes is a talented painter. But he doesn’t paint on canvas. Take a look at the parrot below and see if you can spot what makes it so special.

body paint artist Johannes Stötter - Stotter - parrot

Johannes actually paints on people! The ‘tree’ below is actually Johannes’ father.

body paint artist Johannes Stötter - Stotter - tree

Check out the middle pineapple in the photo below. Do you see the face?

body paint artist Johannes Stötter - Stotter - pineapple

And take a look at this colorful guy. It’s actually two sisters painted and posed together to make it look like the critter is perched on a branch.body paint artist Johannes Stötter - Stotter - lizzard

Can you spot the human form in the rocks below?

body paint artist Johannes Stötter -Stotter - rocks

The next two may be a little easier to spot the men, painted to look like cracked earth and what appears to be a wood pile.

body paint artist Johannes Stötter -Stotter - cracked earthbody paint artist Johannes Stötter -Stotter - mosaic

And as the song from Sesame Street says, ‘One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn’t belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?’

artist Johannes Stötter body paint Stotter watermelon

Could you spot all the people in Johannes’ pictures? Did you feel a little like you were staring at an old ‘Magic Eye‘ image or playing a beautiful game of Where’s Waldo? Let us know what you think about his art in the comments below!

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