Dog Is Walking Miracle After Surviving Being Shot In Face By Robbers

Dog Is Walking Miracle After Surviving Being Shot In Face By Robbers _ Polo _ Hackett _ everything Inspirational


According to veterinarians this 12-year-old black labrador, named Polo, is a walking miracle. Sadly, Polo was shot in the face in her home during a robbery.

When an armed burglar entered the Hackett family residence one Monday night, Polo was the only one home. While it could have been much worse for the family, what they found when they returned home Tuesday morning was heart-breaking.  Polo had been shot in the face and left to die overnight by a heartless criminal.

“It looked like a bomb had gone off,” veterinary dentist Dr. Don Beebe told Fox31.

When Polo was brought in Tuesday morning, the veterinarian staff immediately went to work. First order of business was pain medication. Even after having such a traumatic experience, once the effects of the medication began working, Polo was wagging her tail for the staff.  They knew that this dog was special and had a will to live.

The bullet shattered Polo’s jaw, knocked out numerous teeth, and nearly severed her tongue. But even with something that gruesome, there was a silver lining. X-rays showed that there was no damage to her brain or surrounding arteries!

“Yeah, it is a miracle,” White said. “She’s lucky that it went just through her nose and into her mouth, and not near her brain or anywhere else where she could have long-term consequences.”

Polo Recovers

After two reconstructive surgeries and numerous rounds of veterinary visits, Polo is doing very well considering. It appears that the experience has left Polo deaf and it’s unknown whether this will be permanent. The family is committed to helping their “walking miracle” heal and return to spoiled life as man’s best friend.

Their extended family started a GoFundMe to help Polo’s family with the veterinary bills. What they didn’t expect was that the outpouring of love from strangers. The support has helped a family who felt violated and scarred, not only through Polo’s ordeal, but the scary knowledge that their home was invaded to feel supported.

We continue to hope that Polo will fully heal and that the Hackett family will soon be able to put this time behind them!

h/t: KDVR

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