Minister Asked The Bride And Groom to Step Aside, And Had Parents Stand

surprise vow renewal for parents

Guests at Gina and Drew’s wedding were understandably a little confused at first when the wedding officiant asked the bride and groom to step aside. He told the guests that even though he had presided over weddings for decades, he’d never seen this done before. That’s when he invited two couples who are very special to Gina and Drew to come forward, and a surprise vow renewal for parents of the couple got underway.

The wedding videographers posted the video to YouTube saying,

“My wife and I filmed a wedding with a wild twist as the bride and groom stepped aside to give their parents the opportunity to renew their vows with Father Jim Hushek. The parents did not have microphones on, as it was a surprise, but you can still hear their words.”

WATCH: Surprise Vow Renewal for Parents

What a beautiful way to honor your parents, and the sanctity and longevity of their marriage!


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