Farmer Begs Horse to Live After Deadly Fall

Horse Falls

Horse Falls Into Maintenance Pit And Loses Her Will To Survive

In Poland, a horse falls into a maintenance pit and loses her will to survive. Her owner Marek Slodkowski begs her to live. He tries to coax her out with horse feed and hay but the horse eventually stops trying to get out. The farmer ends up calling the fire department to help him. When they arrive on the scene they try and use the hoses to help lift freedom out. Unfortunately even with the help of a large number of men and the firetruck hoses, Freedom has given up and lays down.

After 12 long hours, something comes over Freedom and she decides to finally help herself. When the farmer sees the horse trying to get out he is quick to react.With the help of the fireman, Freedom is lifted out of the pit. Seeing her running in the field is a wonderful conclusion to this story.

WATCH: Freedom The Horse Finds The Strength To Live After Falling Into Maintenance Pit

credit: YouTube