Have You Ever Wondered What A Unicorn Would Sound Like?

unicorn sounds like - andrew huang

Man Figures Out What A Unicorn Sounds Like

Andrew Huang took a picture of a unicorn, scanned it into his computer, and turned it into music. This fascinating video lets you hear what a unicorn sounds like! And if you’re curious as to how he did it, stay tuned after the 22 second ‘concert’ and Andrew explains everything about his musical composition.

WATCH: This Is What A Unicorn Sounds Like – Andrew Huang

Andrew has lots of crazy cool videos where he makes music in the most unique ways! Check out this one where he performs 99 Red Balloons using ONLY red balloons.

WATCH: 99 Red Balloons Played with Red Balloons – Andrew Huang

And here’s one of Andrew performing ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ using only things you’d find in the dentist’s office.

WATCH: Can’t Feel My Face – Played with Dental Tools – Andrew Huang

And it looks like Andrew Huang can make music out of anything! Here he is playing music made from nothing but car parts.

WATCH: Song Challenge: Wheels – Andrew Huang