Domino’s Pizza Employee’s Bravely Fight Off An Armed Robber

Domino's Pizza Employees Bravely Fight Off An Armed Robber _ everything inspirational

Seen on the surveillance camera, four Domino’s pizza employees fight off an armed robber. In situations where most fast food employees who work late at night would have been afraid, these employees did not show an ounce of fear at all.

A fully armed robber walked into Domino’s Pizza late one night, thinking that he was going to have a successful robbery. Boy, was he wrong! He never expected that the employees who worked there that night would be brave enough to protect themselves and defend their jobs.

The robber pointed the gun at one of the employees, Harrish Karan, and demands for him to open the cash register. Harrish opens the cash register, pretending to do what the robber wants.

Catching him off-guard when he turned his back, Harrish jumps on the robber’s to restrain him. Harish knew that he was going to defend himself, he just wanted to wait for the right moment.

Dominos Pizza Employees Bravely Fight Off An Armed Robber_ everything inspirational
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“I was just waiting for a chance,” Harish told CBCNews. “Acting on instinct.”

His co-workers then joined him in defensive. In the surveillance video, one coworker is pulling on the assault weapon that the robber is holding on to. The other employees’ restrained and fought him. One of the employees snatches the robber’s mask off, exposing his identity.

By the time the police officer arrived at the scene, the fearless employees had the robber pinned to the ground.

WATCH: Domino’s Pizza Employees Fight off Robber


While the four employees are proud of themselves, the police said that their actions were not necessary. Police suggest that in this case, it is just best to let the robber take what he wants so that no one is at risk of getting hurt or losing their lives.

The Domino’s store manager, Shiva Bugga said that he was still very proud of the courage his employees.

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