Don’t Miss The Biggest Supermoon Since The 1940s

Supermoon November 14

Okay folks, mark this in your calendar–November 14th the supermoon will be taking over the night sky. What’s so exciting about the supermoon? When a ‘supermoon’ is in the night sky, the moon appears bigger and brighter than any other full moon.

This happens because the moon is the closest to the Earth it will be during its orbit. Scientists say the moon we’ll see this month will be bigger and better than it has been since 1948! If that isn’t enough to convince you head outside, scientist say that we won’t see a moon like this one until roughly 2034!

When To Look

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Photos of Past Sightings

Photo by Mark Gee


Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images h/t ABC


Photo by Aaron J Groen


Photo by J. David Ake
Photo by J. David Ake  h/t MSNBC

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