Shannen Doherty Shares Hope On Chemo Day

shannen doherty cancer photos

Shannen Doherty Shares Raw Look At Cancer And Hope

Hollywood TV star Shannen Doherty has always been known as a straight-shooter. And her raw, moving photos of her battle with cancer are no exception.

Shannen’s poignant photos show hope in the midst of pain. . .even on dreaded chemo day.


Shannen credits her strong support system including her much beloved husband, seen here on ‘chemo day’ and on their wedding day.

There are many faces to cancer. This is one of them. Chemo Day With @kurtiswarienko by my side. August 10, 2016

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My friend @sarahmgellar softly suggested a challenge to @kurtiswarienko and myself to do the 7 day #loveyourspousechallenge and we accepted! She was telling me about going thru old photos and the memories and emotions they evoke. This morning, I felt that and I’m thankful Sarah challenged us. Our wedding was exceptional and not for the big event it was. It was exceptional because we committed for better or worse, in sickness or in health to love and cherish one another. Those vows have never meant more than they do now. Kurt has stood by my side thru sickness and makes me feel more loved now than ever. I would walk any path with this man. Take any bullet for him and slay every dragon to protect him. He is my soul mate. My other half. I am blessed.

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And by sharing with the world those moments that have the power to bring you down. . .

Step 6

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she essentially takes away their power.

Step 1

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And reminds us all that a positive outlook can give us energy and restore our hope even when things seem darkest.