Woman Finds Letter From Mom Who Died 10 Years Before

letter from mom who died 10 years ago

Letter From Mom Who Died 10 Years Ago

A woman was going through some some items she uncovered in an old box when she found something incredible. One of the papers tucked away inside the forgotten box was a letter from a woman named Maggie that was addressed to her daughter Amelia. The woman was in awe when she uncovered the letter because Maggie had passed away a decade ago! Amelia recorded herself reading  the letter from her mom and is understandably overcome with emotions. Can you imagine finding a letter from mom who died 10 years earlier?

“My mum [Margaret ‘Maggie’ Alison Lock] died on All Saints day Nov 1st 05 and the poignance of this is not lost on me. This Summer we found a letter from her addressed to me. This is my reaction upon first reading it.” wrote Amelia.


WATCH: Letter From Mom Who Died 10 Years Ago


Amelia went on to say,

A letter from a dead-mother can be like a ghost who sits you down and steps you up, an “oasis of green and blue” or the bright strain in the overwhelming darkness that is the exciting and terrifying uncertainty of life and its future.

Its complexity reduced is simply – “Love and Compassion”- the kind that mothers triumphantly and unashamedly manage but most poignantly, most progressively, the kind they exhibit/express daily, that encourages others to do the same.

In honor of her mother’s birthday, Amelia re-wrote the lyrics to Kanye’s ‘Only One’, and her version is called ‘Only Mom’. Watch the beautiful tribute to her mother below.

WATCH: Only Mum Only One Tribute Song

From Milsh & Melsh’ YouTube page:

Happy Birthday Mum,

dedicated to your memory,

and to the memory of Jo Cox, a mother, politician and wife who worked and lived to ameliorate the lives of Syrian and UK Refugees, a monument against racism and islamaphobia , she was fatally shot and stabbed on 16th June 2016 by a British extreme-nationalist –

Barack Obama spoke of her “the world is a better place because of her selfless service to others”

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