Surprise Wedding 6 Hours After Proposal: #ForeverDuncan


#ForeverDuncan – One of the World’s Happiest Hashtags

Alfred Duncan knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend Sherell. He also wanted to make sure that his proposal would be memorable and would make her over-the-moon happy. And thanks to #ForeverDuncan on Instagram, the whole world got to watch it all unfold right before their eyes!

First Alfred surprised Sherell by proposing. And then he really stepped up his game as he revealed he’d also planned their surprise wedding for just 6 short hours after the proposal!


“I wanted to amaze her by displaying my love to her in front of all of our friends and family,” Alfred said.

He had no idea that his proposal and wedding would go viral, taking the internet by storm.

“I had no idea this would happen. That wasn’t my intentions. My ONLY intention was to please her beyond belief.” he added.

WATCH: #ForeverDuncan Proposal And Surprise Wedding Video

The caption of their video on YouTube posted by their videographer, Holla Definition read, “When she woke up this morning, she had a boyfriend. By the end of breakfast, he was her Fiancé. Before she sleeps, she will say goodnight to her husband. All without knowing what today was going to bring. Trust Love.”

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Now that’s one inspiring proposal and wedding, and it’s so beautiful to see how overcome with joy Sherell was. May they continue to show such a shining example of love and live happily ever after! #ForeverDuncan = #RelationshipGoals.

h/t: hollywoodlife