Contestant Inspires On Stage And Gets Surprise Proposal Backstage

the voice Lauren Diaz Alicia Keys audition

Lauren Diaz Auditions with Alicia Keys Song

Contestant Lauren Diaz stepped onto the stage and made a brave decision that was very risky! She auditioned for The Voice by performing a song made famous by one of the judges who was sitting right there. I can only imagine how nervous she was when she began singing, Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You”, or how thrilled she must have been by the judges’ reactions.

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Lauren Diaz Surprise Backstage Proposal

But there was another surprise waiting for Lauren when she walked off that stage! When Lauren walked backstage, she discovered her boyfriend, Randy, waiting for her on one knee!

Watch the Lauren Diaz Audition for Yourself

See Lauren’s incredible performance and prepare to for it to take your breath away! Her voice. . . her stage presence. . .this is captivating!

Congratulations Lauren for reaching your goal of joining Team Alicia AND especially for your happy wedding engagement!


Credit: The Voice