Seamstress Makes Alterations For Free After Bridal Store Abruptly Closes

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Rose Ellis was a seamstress for Alfred Angelo Bridal store. Rose went into work one morning and was given shocking news. The bridal store manager told her the company was closing for good that very night due to bankruptcy. She knew had to do something. Rose gathered nearly 75 dresses that had been paid for and were awaiting alterations and brought them home. From there, she began trying to find the gowns’ owners to let them know she was finishing the work – FREE of cost!

“My agenda is to make sure that all my brides I have come in contact with have that fabulous wedding day that they were expecting to have from the beginning,” said Ellis. 

Rose also made sure to grab every bag of shoes, veils, and belts she could find that were paid for.  When she made it home she began the long task of matching the items with the gowns and owners information.

One of the brides, Stephanie Huey, found Rose Ellis on Facebook.  She had a paid for bridesmaid dresses that were awaiting alterations at the bridal store. Thankfully, hers were some of those in Ellis’ possession.  Many of the other brides have found themselves with lost investment after their dresses were held by the company.

Stephanie was so grateful for her outcome that she worked with Rose to connect with brides. Stephanie worked with a local hotel to donate space for Ellis and the brides to meet for their dresses to be returned.  What Stephanie didn’t know at the time was that Rose planned to finish ALL of the alterations promised.

“When I got to the hotel, she had only brought four or five dresses and I asked her, ‘Where are the other dresses?’ and she said, ‘I’m not finished with those yet,'” Huey told ABC News.

“I was just dumbfounded,” she continued, “I thought her good deed was just to bring the dresses back to everyone, but she was still doing all the alterations — and for free.”

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Since then, Stephanie has worked with other brides to set up a GoFundMe page to help with Ellis’ time, travel and supplies. Most alterations cost $400. It is expected that Ellis will have completed $30,000 worth of alterations with no pay.

“I just felt that, with my integrity, I had to do what I could do and, if I’m not getting paid for it, so what, you know? That’s par for the course,” Ellis told Oklahoma’s KFOR

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