Kind Officer Does The Incredible For Runaway

officer helps runaway

Kind Officer Helps Runaway

A police officer helps runaway 13-year-old with an amazing surprise. When he learned why the boy was upset, the officer jumped into action to help!

13-year-old Cameron Simmons was very upset when he called the police for help. When police officer Gaetano Acerra arrived on the scene, he was saddened to hear that the boy wanted to run away from home. Cameron said his mom was always yelling at him for playing his brother’s video games. But Officer Acerra discovered there was much more to the story.

Cameron invited the officer into his room, and the officer was stunned.

Cameron’s room was completely empty. He had no bed, no desk. . . instead of a dresser drawer for his clothes, there was a single trash bag in the floor, filled with Cameron’s clothes.

Officer Acerra learned that the family had fallen on hard times. They’d had to move unexpectedly to this home in South Carolina to care for a sick relative.

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Touched by the family’s predicament, Officer Acerra knew he had to help.

That’s when he went above and beyond his call to duty to pull together a big surprise.

The officer gathered items together to furnish a complete bedroom for Cameron!

Officer Acerra and his brother delivered a brand new desk, chair and bed for Cameron. They also gave him a TV and wii video game system so he wouldn’t squabble with his big brother anymore.  Then they gave Cameron’s brother a full bedroom too, and a hockey table so the two boys could play together. Imagine the new memories the two boys would make together as they bonded over playing the game!

Cameron’s mom was completely stunned, and Cameron was shocked to tears.

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