3 Men Sing A Cover Of The Beatles ‘Let It Be’ And It’s So Moving

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‘Let It Be’ is one of The Beatles frequently covered songs and is known to have inspired many musical artists. This cover by GENTRI is beautifully captured!

Written by Beatles member, Paul McCartney, the original song was released in 1970 before the break up of the band. When interviewed about it’s origins, McCartney explained that his mother was in a dream of his. In this dream, she said

 “It will be all right, just let it be.”

This was during a difficult time for the band mates and for Paul McCartney. But he saw the dream as an encouragement.

Gentri:The Gentlemen Trio is a group based out of Utah.  With incredible tones, tight harmonies, and a true love of music, these three tenors are taking the internet by storm. Their cover of ‘Let It Be’ is quickly becoming a fan favorite!

WATCH: GENTRI Captures The Beatles Song ‘Let It Be’

credit: Youtube/GENTRI

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