Music Students Surprise Wedding With Flash Mob of ‘Going To The Chapel’

Music Students Surprise Wedding With Flash Mob of 'Going To The Chapel' _ everything inspirational

These talented music students teamed up with the bride to create a magical wedding flash mob experience. With a beautifully performed version of “Going to the Chapel”, the students wowed everyone in the room!

Shannon and Rick’s wedding day will be one that their guests will truly remember! Unknown even to the groom, Rick, his bride-to-be, Shannon, had secretly made a plan with a local music school. She wanted to have a very special wedding day. Shannon arranged with the school that fifteen of their students would secretly attend her wedding and at the set moment perform a flash mob song.

Unlike many flash mobs, this wasn’t to pre-recorded pop music with set dance moves.  Instead, the students began acapella (without instruments). First a young boy stood up and started the song off and he was joined later by a young girl. From then on, each phrase a new set of voices joined in from around the church building. From the back of the church, a group of guitar players led by a music teacher, entered and joined in the song as well. Before anyone knew what was happening, they were surrounded by the sweet sounds of these young students serenading them with “Chapel of Love” (“Going to the Chapel”) by The Dixie Cups.

As the students left the church, still singing and playing guitar, the 130 attendees broke out into laughter and clapping!

WATCH: Music Students Surprise Wedding Attendees

credit: KidsPlayingMusic

The guests were obviously loving every moment and had huge smiles on their faces.  This was a perfect way for this new bride to share her love and happiness with those in attendance!

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