Singing Dollar Store Cashier Wows Customers And It Went Viral

Singing Dollar Store Cashier Wows Customers And It Went Viral_ everything inspirational

Can you imagine the feeling of being invited to sing a duet with one of your favorite singers? That’s what happened to Lucas Holliday. After a video went viral of him singing to customers, Lucas was asked to sing on stage with talented singer-songwriter, Maxwell.

The artist saw a video of Lucas singing one of his songs in a video that was posted on Facebook. It was posted by Sharee Nakia Robinson, a frequent customer of the Dollar General where Lucas works.

“OK folks, this is my area Dollar General and this is one of my favorite cashiers and he is the bomb,” she said in the video. “You gotta come and check him out down here.”

Lucas usually sings to his customers while he rings up their groceries. He is used to performing with his band called, “Tell Yo Mama”, so he was not at all shy about serenading his customers. Lucas says that he uses singing as a way to help him cope with feeling down or stressed out.

He really enjoys lifting up his customers’ spirits and that is exactly what he is doing in the shared video. Filling the store with such soulful sound, Lucas sings his own rendition of Maxwell’s 1996 hit single and it wowed everyone in the store.

WATCH: Lucas Singing For His Customers

The video went viral with over 500 million views and among those views was the famous singer, Maxwell. So astounded by the way that Lucas has sung his song, he tweeted for someone to help him locate Lucas.

With the help of Good Morning America, Maxwell was able to present Lucas with the surprise of his life!

WATCH: Lucas On Good Morning America

Good Morning America did a live video interview with Lucas. Maxwell, through via pre-recorded video, personally offered Lucas the invitation to perform a duet with him on stage at his concert that weekend.

“Please, yes! Please!”, Lucas exclaimed while accepting the invitation. What a once in a lifetime dream!

Lucas was able to perform the very song that made him known from the viral video. From the stage, Maxwell tweeted several videos of him and Lucas having a good time dancing and singing together in perfect harmony. Lucas is in his element, as the audience is in awe of his pristine and powerful voice.

Lucas was so thankful to Maxwell for the opportunity and in appreciation of the unforgettable experience. He tweeted a video of a compilation of clips from the amazing night along with his ‘thank you’.

Lucas’ fame does not stop there.  He recently announced that he auditioned for NBC’s “The Voice” and the episode will air on television. Way to go, Lucas!

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