This Baby’s Hair Is So Long That Her Mom Has To Blow Dry It Everyday

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Millie Mitchel is a precious baby girl that was born five weeks premature. Had her mom known that her baby’s hair would be so long, she would have probably named her Rapunzel.

Now that Millie is 11 months old, her hair has grown all the way down her back.

“I even have to blow dry it because if I leave it, it’s so thick,” Millie’s mom Meg O’Halloran said. “It takes ages to dry. I’ve been doing that since the day she was born.”

Because of the length of Millie’s hair, people often assume that she is older than what she is. They often try to make sense of it,

“People can’t believe it, I even got asked once if it was a wig and I said, ‘No, it’s her hair!”

There aren’t many drawbacks to having such long and thick hair. One of the perks includes being unforgettable.

“Nobody forgets her ― if I go to the doctor I just say, ‘The baby with all the hair!”Meg said.

But Millie’s hair is not the only thing that makes her amazing, and her locks have had their test.

Millie was born early because of a condition that she is overcoming called hydrocephalus. This means that Millie has had extra fluid build up on her brain. She went through two rounds of surgery to drain the fluid and she also has a shunt to move the fluid from her brain to her stomach. Millie is doing well and she didn’t have to cut much hair during the brain surgery.

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“I was really afraid they were going to have to cut it off. They had to shave bits off but it has grown back remarkably well.” Meg said.

Despite having so many challenges Millie has overcome them all,meanwhile her mom is having to overcome the washing, conditioning, and blow drying every single day.

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