Grandma-to-be With Alzheimer’s Reacts to Pregnancy News

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Mom with Alzheimer’s Reacts to Daughter’s Good News Every Day

Children are a blessing. And when a new baby is on its way it’s hard to tell who is most excited, the parent’s or the grandparents. There’s no doubt that baby-news is some of the best news; but when your parents have a disease that can affect their memory, it can seem like a damper is put on such a joyous time. Fortunately, this daughter didn’t let her mother’s fight with Alzheimer’s Disease rain on her parade. She turned something bad into something unforgettable!

This mom-to-be announced her pregnancy to her sweet mama every single day, and every day this grandma-to-be was overjoyed each time by the news. She would ask, “When?” every time she learned that she’d be a grandma. Her daughter would lovingly tell her that the baby is due in October.  Even when there was an obvious baby bump, grandma never seemed less excited, or failed to ask when the baby was due.

Mrs Stone told Daily Mail: ‘I enjoy telling mum because every time she reacts like a kid at Christmas. ‘I can tell her I’m pregnant two minutes after I just told her and she is still surprised.”

WATCH: Grandma With Alzheimer’s Reacts to Daughter’s Pregnancy

The One and Only Power
There are moments in life that we wish that we could relive over and over, and for many of us a picture or a video is what we have to cherish those sweet memories. But for this mother and daughter pair, they get to relive one of the happiest moments of their lives over and over again. You’ll feel all of the warm and fuzzies when you see all of the excitement, love, and patience from this family.

Even though some of our loved ones may be battling Alzheimer’s, this just goes to show that you can find God in anything.

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