Young Boy ‘Romeo’ Freezes In His Tracks When He Sees A Cute Girl

little boy gets distracted by pretty girl

Little Boy Stops Everything When He Spots A Little Girl

We all remember our first love. Whether it was a playground crush, or that special someone at school we all got bitten by the love bug sooner or later. And that is exactly what just happened to this precious tot.

Precious little Lothario was minding his own business playing when a pretty girl rounded the corner. He got so distracted he had to stop everything and just smile as she walked by. And you just have to laugh when you see how smitten this little boy is! Even after having so much fun playing, he cannot resist this little girl’s charms. Oh my star he is too cute. Puppy love is just the sweetest!

It just goes to show that even little boys can’t help but experience love at first sight. This is so adorable.

WATCH: Little Boy Gets Distracted By Pretty Girl

Source: Rumble

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