Bride Surprises Husband On Their 7th Wedding Anniversary

Chrissy learned she and her husband of 7 years would not be able to spend their anniversary together. She got creative and decided to surprise Brian the day before. Waiting in her wedding dress, Chrissy stood patiently until he opened the door.

And that’s when we grabbed the tissues.  Chrissy never could have expected the beautiful response she received.  After opening the door, Brian stood in silence when he saw her. His body language and look on his face could not disguise how much he loves her.

“I wanted to take my Husband back to the day we got married,” Chrissy wrote. “Plus our two littlest ones were not there the day we got married. I loved taking him and of course myself down memory lane.”

There is no doubt that Chrissy succeeded in taking Brian back to that day when they first said “I do”.  We are sure that he looked at her with just as much if not more love now than he did at the altar.

Bride Surprises Husband On Their 7th Wedding Anniversary _ everything inspirational
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“We both got a little choked up. He is my best friend, partner-in-crime, and my soulmate,” she said.

The internet quickly agreed that this video tugged at all their heartstrings!

WATCH: Bride Surprises Husband On Their 7th Wedding Anniversary


We love how Chrissy and Brian’s embrace easily moved into a silent dance.  What a special moment for their children to experience with them! We hope that they spend many more anniversaries like this one, in love.

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