Dad Adorably Brings Son’s Art Drawings To Life, The Result Is Amazing

dad brings son's art to life

On the Instagram channel Things I have drawn, Dom shares the world as he sees it, and it’s absolutely adorable. Dom’s dad, Tom Curtis, takes the pictures and helps transform what his son has drawn into what it would look like in ‘real life’.

The bio on Dom & Dad’s Instagram account explains it all:

 “My name’s Dom and I’ve joined Instagram to show home amazing at drawing I am. (Dad takes the photos).”

What started as a silly home project has taken on a complete world of it’s own. Boasting 122,000 followers, Dom has now enlisted his brother, Al, to help with the creative ideas as well.  Dad, Tom, originally thought that his sons crazy drawings would lean more towards the more unique side of the imagination, but Dom had other plans.

“The original thinking was that the photos would all end up quite creepy, but Dom wanted to make them funny,” he said. “I think what we’ve created so far is a bit of both.”

This is one father-son collaboration that’ll put the biggest smile on your face! 🙂 Enjoy as this dad brings son’s art to life!

12. Introducing Dom and His Dad, Tom

It’s easy to be an artist when you have such an amazing muse to draw! Hysterical!

11. Dom’s Bear – The Claws Are The Scary Bits

Everyone thinks it’s the teeth you have to worry about. Dom’s drawing clearly shows that he knows bears better than the rest of us!

10. Rooster In Red

Clearly, this rooster has personality. With every “cock-a-doodle-do” he tells the hen house who’s the boss.

8. Rabbit Vs. Hare and Dom vs. Al

Apparently the difference between a rabbit and a hare are big, pointy teeth.  These bunnies are ready for carrots!

1. Dom’s Lemur

Lemur’s are really hard to capture, but Dom clearly got the important parts. It’s all about the tail!

Check out more of Dom’s art on his Instagram channel which now includes some of his brother, Al’s, drawings as well.

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