Animal Rescued From Side Of Road That You Don’t See Every Day

wombat baby rescued from side of road

Wombat Baby Rescued From Side Of Road

George is a baby Common Wombat and is currently being looked after by renowned wildlife conservationist Tim Faulkner. A motorist found him and brought him to The Australian Reptile Park where it’s clear that the staff have certainly fallen in love with this adorable little fellow. This little wombat baby rescued from the side of road is just too cute.

While these quirky creatures are quite common in Australia, the rest of us may never see one in real life.

As joeys, wombats always stay nearby their mothers so it’s only natural that George likes to be very close to his caretaker Tim! George loves following Tim around the park and will soon start meeting members of the public more and more frequently to act as ambassador for his species before being released back into the wild.

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WATCH: Cute Wombat Baby Rescued From Side of Road

credit: Facebook