Raccoon Babies Sees Fisherman’s Beard And Befriends Him

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Adorable Raccoon Babies Sees Fisherman And Befriends Him Right Away

No matter how pesky some animals can be, they are just SO cute. Even though raccoons may sneak into the trash and make a big mess, they can be the most adorable things in the wild. So when these three baby raccoons befriended a fisherman all bets were off. It was love at first sight.

When the little babies found the fisherman they climbed on top of him and followed him around. It was nothing he could do to get rid of them. The fisherman’s long gray and white beard made him look like the perfect raccoon papa – it was no denying it! Usually raccoons are only seen at night, but it is not uncommon to see the little ones scurrying around during the day.

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The raccoon mother was not spotted, which led them to believe that the babies have either left the den, or worse — they could be orphaned.  The fisherman papa built a shelter for the trio. Officials say that this is okay to do only if the mother is not found.



WATCH: Raccoon Babies Befriend Fisherman

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Animal officials also discourages anyone from taking raccoons in as pets, they can get a little out of hand and make a mess of your home, so they are better off in their natural habitat. Who knows what will happen to the little raccoons. But now that they have shelter, a little food, and someone to care for them they should be alright.

We know that this fisherman was only planning on catching fish,  but instead he hooked three adorable raccoons. What a lucky day that must have been for him!


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