87-Year-Old Horse Lover Granted Wish For Last Ride

Horse Lover With Parkinson’s Disease Gets One Final Ride

Horse lover Nelly Jacobs is 87 years old, and she spent much of her life on or around horses.

horse lover 2 parkinson's final wish

She was once a prize-winning horse jumper, but had to stop riding when she was in her 50s after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Because the disease causes involuntary tremors, stiff muscles and a loss of coordination, horseback riding was impossible for her to continue.

But Nelly dreamed of being able to ride just one last time.

horse lover 1 parkinson's final wish

So two different charities teamed up to create a special carriage so that Nelly would be able to sit on top of two horses, and Beeldwerk TV was on hand to film the special moment.

horse lover 3 parkinson's final wish

WATCH: Parkinson’s Sufferer Takes Final Horse Ride


credits: Daily Mail, Huffington Post UK