Proud Daughter Films As Her Talented Dad Sings Tennessee Whiskey

texas dad sings tennessee whiskey kris jones

A proud daughter films as her talented dad sings Tennessee Whiskey. Texas singer Kris Jones‘ soulful voice made his amazing cover of the blues classic song go viral.

Lots of us sing in the car. And unless you’re late night talk show celebrity James Corden who gets celebrities to sing ‘Carpool Karaoke‘ with him, your video is probably not going viral. Unless you’re lucky and talented Kris Jones, that is!

Kris’ daughter filmed him singing in the car and more than 6.2 million fans have viewed the video on YouTube in a matter of days. The incredible video not only features Kris’ soulful performance, but also his obviously proud, beautiful daughter mouthing the words along with her dad.

WATCH:  Talented Dad Sings Tennessee Whiskey

source: rumble


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