Bakers Trapped During Hurricane Made Loaves To Feed Hungry

Trapped in a bakery for two days due to a hurricane, four bakers made the most out of their situation. They were working a late shift. They wanted to make enough baked goods for people to stock up on before the storm hit their area. Rumors were that it was going to be a really bad hurricane, but they did not realize that it was going to escalate so quickly. Waters flooded all around their building, preventing them from being able to get out.

“It started raining really bad. The rain increased, dropping like 10 inches in three hours and it flooded the area where they were,” Kirk Michaelis, 56, El Bolillo’s owner, said to CBS. “There was no exit for them. They couldn’t get out”.

Thankfully, the water did not leak into the building and the bakery never lost electricity. The bakers used that to their advantage! Instead of worrying about not being with their families, they were able to cope with their stress by continuing to bake. Their goal was to bake enough goods to give to other people who were in need from the flood.

“Since they were trapped, they decided to turn it into a positive thing and keep baking Kirk tells PEOPLE.

Kirk Michaelis, the owner of the bakery tried to rescue his workers, but the police made him turn around and go back home. When he was finally able to reach them the next day, he found that the four bakers worked the entire time!

Bakers Trapped During Hurricane Made Loaves To Feed Hungry_ everything inspirational
Credit: USAToday

He took a picture of them and posted it on Facebook. Thousands of people expressed their appreciation to them for being so caring to those in need.

“I didn’t sleep and did nothing but bake for two of those days, but that’s okay. I’m happy to be a part of the effort to aid those in need. We all are.” Jorge, one of the bakers told PEOPLE.

They produced dozens and dozens of bread, pastries, and treats. They did not count how much they made, but they used more than 4,400 pounds of flour. That is a lot of dough! They filled all of the shelves and display cases in the bakery with the loaves and pastries they baked.

Bakers Trapped During Hurricane Made Loaves To Feed Hungry_ everything inspirational

They had more than enough baked goods to deliver full boxes to shelters, police stations, emergency centers, and to people at the shopping mall nearby.

“We’re trying to take it to everywhere that we possibly can”. 

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