Bride Thinks Her First Dance Is Ruined, But Has The Tearful Surprise Of Her Life

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Bride Thinks That Her First Dance Is Ruined, But Then She Turns Around For A Tearful Surprise

Every bride wants her wedding day to go off without a hitch, but that’s not always possible. When Bride Melissa Baker started her first dance with her new husband, the music suddenly stopped. It seemed like a malfunction, but Melissa was still a good sport.

The DJ then announced that someone would perform a live version as consultation for the faulty record. The bride couldn’t see what was happening because her back was facing the stage. The music played again, and the newlyweds started to dance. As her husband spinned her around she saw her favorite country artist Mark Wills singing the couple’s favorite song.

Melissa’s reaction was priceless. She was in tears, and it was obvious that she was enjoying every moment.

The couple danced away to the lyrics,

Dance, like you’ve never been hurt, like you’ve never been sad, baby
Dance, like this beautiful moment is all that’s you have
Don’t be afraid all you’re waitin’ is over
Just look in my eyes and not over your shoulder
Don’t let one memory get in your way
Baby, Dance like there’s no yesterday

It seemed like no one was in the room but the sweet couple.

WATCH: Bride Thinks Her First Dance Is Ruined But Has A Tearful Surprise.

credit: Selectivesoundjs

This thoughtful groom surely does know how to surprise his beautiful new bride. It’ll be hard for him to top this, but he’s already off to a great start. We wish nothing but the absolute best for this lovely couple. We hope that their marriage is filled with beautiful memories just like this one.

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