Grandpa Forced To Throw Out Granddaughter’s Gift At Airport Has It Returned

grandparents reunited with granddaughters gift left at airport _ snow globe_ everything inspirational

Grandpa Forced To Throw Out Granddaughter’s Gift At Airport Has It Returned

This Grandpa had to throw away his granddaughter’s special gift in order to continue on his journey. A couple saved the package not knowing what was inside.

Traveling can be complicated and sometimes it’s hard to know all the rules. This Grandpa was seen very upset in the airport. He was carrying a special gift for his granddaughter but TSA informed him that he could not bring it on the airplane. The Grandpa was forced to throw away this cherished package because it was a snow globe and the liquid inside did not meet the safety standards of airport security.

A couple nearby saw the distraught man in the security line. Not knowing what the full story was, Amarri Hernandez and her boyfriend saw the Grandpa very sadly put his special gift in the trash bin. Knowing that there was something important to the man in the box, the couple retrieved the package from the bin hoping to reunite it with the man.  Once they opened the box, they thought they understood why he was so upset. Inside was a snow globe with a little girl’s picture on one side and an elderly couple on the other. The man pictured was the Grandfather from the airport.

grandparents reunited with special gift left at airport _ everything inspirational
credit: Facebook/Amarri Hernandez

The snow globe had an inscription:

“We love you Katie, Nana and Papa 1/25/16″ 

That’s when the couple knew that their efforts to reunite the gift needed to be successful.  They took to social media.  Amarri posted photos of the snow globe with the story of what they saw happen.

grandparents reunited with granddaughters special gift left at airport _ snow globe_ everything inspirational
credit: Fox13 News

“We felt bad about the situation and want to find out who these people are so we can return their gift out of the kindness of our hearts , we wouldn’t want this to happen to us so if everybody could please share this photo so we can find the owners of this beautiful family  and give them back their precious gift”

Within a week, Amarri’s post had more than 40,000 shares! An employee of Things Remembered saw the post and recognized their product. They began searching to find the purchaser of the snow globe and helped reunite it with Katie’s grandmother, Linda Modry.

grandparents reunited with special gift left at airport _ everything inspirational
credit: Fox13 News

In a touching explanation after receiving the package from Amarri, Linda shared:

“This was something really special for my granddaughter, Katie. My son adopted her. January 25 was the final day for it!”

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