Reporter’s Reaction To Amusement Park Ride Is Hysterical

Reporter’s Reaction To Amusement Park Ride Is Hysterical _ Cory James _ Everything Inspirational

Reporter’s Hilarious Reaction To Guardians Of The Galaxy Amusement Park Ride

Reporter Cory James is preparing to experience the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. While calm before the ride, this reporter’s reaction quickly changes.

Cory James is a reporter from ABC30. He gets quite the shock when he tackles a story on the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at California Adventure. Surrounded by happy participants around him, Cory is chipper and ready to give the viewers a great sneak peak.  He even has on What isn’t expected is Cory’s reaction once the ride begins.

News host Graciela Moreno asked,

“Cory, Looks like you’re having a great time?” 

“I am!… We have been waiting for this moment for quite some time.” says an exceptionally calm Cory.

Cory then begins interviewing the riders next to him.  One of which has ridden the ride 12 times before!

“There’s gonna be some noise going around me. This is just part of the whole experience…” he continues to report with complete confidence.

Then the ride starts. Cory explains that the doors are closing… and then he completely loses his cool. Cut back to the newsroom where his fellow anchors are having quite the laugh at Cory’s expense.

“You ok there, Cory? It took your breath away! ” [laughter]

After several more seconds, Gabriela sees Cory slump over.  “Oh no! Did he faint?”  But Cory wasn’t finished just yet! He sits back up to continue his report:

“This is not right! We should not have done this. We should not have done this.” Cory exclaims.

The next on-site reporting for Cory will probably not be at an amusement park ride.  However, as his coworker points out, his reaction was more exciting to see than the ride itself!

Watch: Reporter’s Reaction To Ride Will Leave You Laughing

credit: ABC30 Action News

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