Brother Sings His Emotional Best Man’s Speech And It Ends in Man-Hugs

Brother Sings His Emotional Best Man’s Speech And It Ends in Man-Hugs

When it was time for Daniel Buccheri to give his best man’s speech and toast at his brother Adrienne’s wedding, Daniel took his drink to the keyboard and sat down. Once he did that, everyone had a feeling that this would be something special, we hope they had the tissues ready.

When Daniel sang the first note, we were already in tears. He started his best man’s speech song in a light hearted way recalling childhood memories. He spoke of how Adrienne talked all night when it was time to go to bed when they were little boys. Throughout the song the bride constantly turned to her groom and cheerfully grinned. And by the look on the groom’s face, this speech meant the world to him.

After sharing a few laughs because of some funny lyrics, the best man paused and warned us that it was about to get serious. That was our signal to grab more tissues.

“We are not the kids we used to be. Though we’d scream and fight as children, now I realize what you mean to me. I’m so proud of you and all you’ve done for me,whether you realize or not, I’ve always looked up to you.”

What the best man sings after that will set you up for the ugly cry. When the song was over the brothers embraced in a brotherly hug. These are definite bromance goals.

The love that these  brothers share is something that every parent wants for their children. Our siblings are usually the first friends that we have and our best friends.  If your relationship is a little rocky with your brother or sister, this video will surely encourage you to give them a call. Love is contagious; and just for that reason, there were fuzzy feelings and teary eyes all through this beautiful celebration of love.

WATCH: Brother Sings Best Man’s Speech

credit: Daniel Buccheri

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