Toddler Mistakes Bride For Princess And Becomes Part Of The Wedding Photos

Everything Inspirational- princess bride

It is every girl’s dream to meet a real live princess. A sweet little girl encountered a bride that she believed was a princess when she was out and about with her mom. She was in awe as she compared the bride to the princess in her story book. The little girl was convinced that this “princess” was the one that she had read about and loved.

The little girl couldn’t help but stop in her tracks. She then told her mom with excitement and anticipation who she saw.  Shortly after, she went up to the blushing bride and was stunned. It was in that moment that the sweet bride embraced the little girl and made her dreams came true. The bride invited the girl to take pictures with her.

Everything Inspirational- princess bride
credit: Stephanie Cristalli Photography

This is a moment that will be cherished forever. Now the little girl will always have the memories of that day she met a real life princess.

The groom, or the “prince” of the day said that the bride really loves children. He was not surprised at all that she did this. This little girl was right, and she made no mistakes.  This bride that she saw was indeed a princess at heart.

WATCH: Toddler Mistakes Bride For Princess

credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

We hope that this couple gets to experience magical moments like this for the rest of their lives. This was a special day for both them, and the sweet little girl that got to meet the princess of her dreams.

It’s not everyday that you can meet a princess, but when and if you do, you have to seize the moment and take a photo so that the moment will live on forever.

h/t:Inside Edition

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