A Coffee Shop Brews Opportunities for Unique Individuals

A Coffee Shop That Brews Opportunities for Unique Individuals

This coffee shop is not just an ordinary café. The smell of java beans, freshly baked croissants, and a huge smile greets you as you walk in. Bitty and Beau’s Coffee brews opportunities for unique individuals. And they are the reason why this coffee shop is so special.

Owners Ben and Amy Wright opened the coffee shop to make an impact on the unemployment rate for people with disabilities. They want to create equal opportunity for those individuals who people may fail to notice. For many of their employees, Bitty and Beau’s is their first job. The joy from every employee is so contagious that it keeps customers coming!

Bitty and Beau is the name of Mr. and Mrs. Wright’s two youngest children who both have down syndrome. Their parents say that they want to see the world accept them. They see the world as a place for people like Bitty and Beau to have a fair chance when it comes down to work opportunities.

A Coffee Shop That Brews Opportunities for Unique Individuals
Credit: Facebook/BeausCoffee

The owners realized that the coffee shop serves a greater purpose. They had the ability to challenge the way others perceived people with disabilities.

“It’s a human rights movement; the coffee shop is just a vehicle for making that happen. It’s given our employees the respect that they deserve”, Amy Wright told CNN

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Bitty and Beau’s Coffee created a pathway for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It gives a positive work environment where employees feel more valued, accepted and included in every way. They are making a huge difference as they currently have forty employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Each employee has the opportunity to put their best foot forward in whatever area they feel comfortable in. Ben and Amy want each employee to feel proud of what they are doing and confident in the role they play at the coffee shop.

“We figured out what their skill set was and we plugged them in.”, Amy says.

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