Toddler Helps Baby Brother Escape From Crib

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Toddler Helps His Baby Brother Make An Unbelievable Escape From Crib

These two kiddos take the phrase “I’m my brother’s keeper” to a whole new level.

When Baby Finn, who is just one year old, was put to bed his big brother Ollie came to his rescue. Thankfully, their parents watched the entire ordeal unfold from the nursery monitor in the next room. They must have got a real kick out of watching these brothers take on such a challenge.

If this scene was a movie, it’d be called Ocean’s 2.

Big brother Ollie, went into his brother’s room, turned the light on, and was encouraging him to break free. We saw how clever his escape tactics really were when he grabbed a chair and put it into the crib. It was obvious that Ollie had done this a time or two before.

Ollie then showed his brother how to escape. He got into the crib himself and gave Finn the perfect example of how to break free. Once Finn’s shimmy was completed he stood across the room and¬†cheered him on by saying,

“You can do it. Finn, jump to me!”

When the escape was complete the brothers embraced, and exited the room hand-in-hand.

WATCH: Toddler Helps Baby Brother Escape From Crib

credit: ABC

These brothers are quite the team and we hope that they will always work together this wonderfully. This just goes to show that when you have a trusted-someone showing you the way and cheering you on, there aren’t too many things that can stop you.

But while these brothers are out conquering the world one escape at a time, let’s just keep their parents lifted in prayer.

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