Top Super Bowl Ads To Inspire or Uplift Your Day

top super bowl commercials 2017 ads that inspire

Top Super Bowl Commercials to Uplift Your Day

After a record breaking comeback & an overtime game, what were people talking about? The ads. Here are the top Super Bowl commercials that inspire & uplift.

This ad was filmed ‘live’ during the first quarter of the Super Bowl, edited and approved during the second and third quarters to surprise viewers during the fourth quarter. This sweet ad tugs at the heart and chokes up the viewer as deployed soldiers were surprised with the opportunity to watch the game virtually with their loved ones. Many active duty soldiers feel especially homesick at holidays or special events where they would normally spend time with their families. And seeing their joy at this wonderful surprise will make your day!

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This funny ad by Kia explains that it may be hard to be an eco-warrior, but it’s easy to drive like one. It features comedic actress Melissa McCarthy in some hilarious situations as she rushes around in her Kia trying to save the planet. (Make sure to stick around ’til the end to see the rhino in the backup camera!)

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This unexpected Super Bowl ad by Skittles features a love-struck boy tossing Skittles at the window of Katy. Instead of getting her attention as they bounce off the window, we see Katy enjoying the tasty treat. . . and she wasn’t the only one! The comical cast of candy lovers will crack you up.

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See if you can count all the Internet meme references in this clever Super Bowl ad by GoDaddy. From the emoticon mug and Minecraft trunk, to the Rick Astley ‘rick roll’ song playing in the background and the ice bucket challenge worthy shower, the ad is packed with references that require multiple views to try to catch them all.

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