Rescued Sloth May Be One of World’s Cutest Animals

cutest baby sloth b-rad

Meet The World’s Cutest Baby Sloth

Animal expert Coyote Peterson shows off the world’s cutest baby sloth. It was rescued and is recovering at Kids Saving the Rainforest in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Coyote explains that the adorable baby sloth, B-rad, is probably so tiny because he was malnourished. The poor creature, probably too weak to cling to the tree branch, fell to the rainforest ground below. B-rad would likely have become prey for a larger animal if a kind human hadn’t found him and delivered him to the animal rescue center. B-rad will grow bigger and stronger and will eventually be released back into the wild. But in the meantime, we can enjoy this rare glimpse at this cute little guy. (Try not to squeal from the cuteness overload when B-rad eats a leaf!)

WATCH: Cutest Baby Sloth EVER!