How To Stop Anyone From Snoring

how to stop anyone from snoring - tal solomon - comedian

How to Stop Anyone From Snoring

Comedian Tal Solomon thinks he’s found how to stop anyone from snoring, and he tried it out on his adorable dog.

The comedian filmed his pup snoring on his phone, and then he played back the recording of the snoring to the dog with the sound turned up. The cute dog first seemed stunned, but then almost sheepish as though he realized what was going on. Tal just nods knowingly.

Tal posted the video to his Facebook page where it’s gone viral, earning more than 483k views on Facebook since it was posted. In the post, Tal shares the following steps for how to stop snorers in their tracks:

1. Film them snoring
2. Play it back for them with the volume up

He then invited people to try out his method and let him know if it worked. What do you think? Is someone (or some pup) in your house a snorer that might benefit from a taste of their own medicine? Let us know how it goes in the comments below! 😉

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