Hilarious Amazon Reviews Go Viral For The Keyboard Waffle Iron

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Keyboard Waffle Iron Reviews Tickle The Funny Bone

The product is already unusual–a waffle iron that makes waffles in the shape of a computer keyboard. But it’s the hilarious customer reviews of the keyboard waffle iron that are cracking up the internet.

Read some of this funny reviews from actual customers, and you’ll see why these reviews went viral online!

The Keyboard Waffle Iron


Meet The Keyboard Waffle Iron

This is what the product photo looks like for the Keyboard Waffle Iron. It’s currently on backorder, probably due to the viral attention the fun kitchen item is getting!

amazon product keyboard waffle iron




And here are what actual Keyboard Waffle Iron customers on Amazon.com are saying.

One user joked, “Yesterday I did nothing because my keyboard was a waffle the whole time.”

Another remarked, “I’m up to [typing]  80 words per minute. . . mostly because the keys are so hot.”

keyboard waffle iron Amazon reviews


John added, “I bought this thinking it would go well with my computer that acts like a potato. By the end of the day, after breakfast and dinner, I had nothing but a full stomach.”

keyboard waffle iron amazon comments

Keyboard Waffle Iron Takes Over The Internet

But Amazon wasn’t the only place online where comedians had their fun.

On Reddit, commenters shared that, “The fact that it resembles a keyboard is cool, but it really appeals to me as a good excuse to eat giant waffles.”

keyboard waffle iron amazon comments

And a commenter on Imgur remarked that it’s “the one time sticky keys is a good thing.”

imgur keyboard waffle iron comments

One thing’s for sure. . . the next time you’re shopping online for a waffle iron shaped like a computer keyboard, you’ll leave with a smile on your face. And you’ll mysteriously have a strong desire to eat syrup-drenched giant waffles!

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