Baby Brother Is A Great Sport After Eating An Onion

Eating Raw Onion

Baby Brother Gets Tricked Into Eating Raw Onion

Brothers often try to catch each other unsuspecting for a good joke. So when this big brother got the idea to trick his little brother into eating raw onion, he knew he had to film it. But what this big brother didn’t realize was that the joke was on him! Not only was this precious little one not phased by the onion but when he saw his big brother’s surprise he kept eating it. This little guy is already the ultimate prankster!

Watching this little guy’s face as he bites into the onion is priceless. The fact that it doesn’t even phase him and he actually enjoys it makes it even more adorable. And his big brother better watch out, there is no way this is the end of this brotherly trickery.

WATCH: Adorable Baby Eating Raw Onion

credit: YouTube