Song Offers Funny Way To End Thanksgiving Stress

Thanksgiving Song - Welcome To My Couch - Holderness Family

Thanksgiving Song

With Thanksgiving falling just a few short weeks after an election that had everyone feuding, many people are stressed about the upcoming holiday. That’s where the hilarious Holderness Family comes to the rescue with a funny Thanksgiving song designed to defuse the political tension.

The lyrics, while funny, hold the basic message of ‘why can’t we all just get along?’ “Because everyone’s mad, and it’s gonna get bad, so how’re we gonna fix that? Sometimes you’ve gotta say, ‘Welcome to my couch!'”

“Welcome to my couch. I’ll be watching football. I prefer concussions over these discussions.” dad Penn Holderness sings.

In the video, they poke fun at the uncomfortable moments around the dinner table and offer several alternative topics to keep the peace including, watching football, discussing the Brangelina breakup, chatting about the return of TV Show ’24’ or debating the features on the iPhone 7.

WATCH: Thanksgiving Song ‘Welcome to My Couch’ 

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