When It’s Just Dudes At Home – A Daddy-Baby Dance-off

daddy baby michael jackson dance beat it just dudes

Daddy Baby Michael Jackson Dance

Adam Ballard was home alone with his son when he had the idea for this daddy baby Michael Jackson dance to the song ‘Beat it.’ He uploaded it to YouTube where it’s become a viral sensation, getting more than 300,000 views in a just a few days.

On YouTube, Adam wrote, “Home alone with my son Miles, we find “creative” ways to pass the time. Thanks for all of the great feedback to our father/son Michael Jackson routine!”

Fans loved the video including one commenter who said, “Adam Ballard: father, husband, gamer, weight-lifter, podcaster, uber nerd, dancing child visionary, and all around hands down one of the nicest, most compassionate, and friendly dudes you’ll ever meet. Cheers to you, sir. Keep up the awesome!”

WATCH: Daddy Baby Michael Jackson Dance