Stray Dog Steals The Show Lying Down During Orchestra Performance

Stray Dog Steals The Show Lying Down During Orchestra Performance _ everything inspirational


This music-loving pooch decided to see what all the fuss was about. He casually walked on stage during Vienna Chamber Orchestra performance, and decided to take a nap.

Understandably, the audience erupted in applause for the spotlight-stealing doggie.  But the band played on.  The four-legged virtuoso continued his stroll from stage right all the way to center stage.  Here, he promptly surveyed the audience and determined what his next move would be.

While having a bit of a yawn, the pooch proceeded to circle in place.  Most dog lovers knew at this point exactly what was about to happen. The melodic sounds of the instruments were apparently just what this pooch needed as he settled into his nap! Without batting an eye, the doggie took his place next to the violinists and gave it no further thought.

With such confidence this canine took only 50 seconds to gain a lifetime of internet stardom!

Turkish pianist Fazil called it “the cutest moment in classical music.”

WATCH: Stray Dog Crashes Orchestra Performance

credit: Youtube/İLKSES Gazetesi İzmir



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