Bear Can’t Stop Falling On Ice In These Funny Outtakes

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White Bear Can’t Stop Falling In These Funny Outtakes

The folks at White Bear Mitsubishi in Minnesota had a great idea for a commercial featuring two mascots, Goldy Gopher and a giant polar bear. But while filming the ad, the poor polar bear can’t stop falling on ice, and his antics have made the outtakes video go viral online with nearly a million views on YouTube and more than 3.7 million views on Facebook.

On YouTube the car company asked, “How many takes to have a White Bear not slip on the ice during a commercial shoot? Let us count the times!! Enjoy the outtakes from our latest commercial shoot showing our venerable mascot doing its best to stay upright!”

At 1:09, I seriously couldn’t stop laughing.

WATCH: Bear Can’t Stop Falling on Ice