Meeting These Best Friends in their 80s Will Be The Highlight Of Your Day

Best Friends In Their 80s _ Harvey and Eddie _ everything inspirational

Meeting These Best Friends in their 80s Will Be The Highlight Of Your Day

They might not agree on everything, but these adorable best friends in their 80’s teach the importance of having a pal by your side.

Host of Channel 4 News, Ben Aaron, met two New Jersey seniors, Harvey and Eddy while filming another story. The duo were so dynamic, he had to make a segment just on them. Harvey and Eddie have been best friends for a long time.

Best Friends In Their 80s _ Harvey and Eddie _ everything inspirational
credit: Youtube/BenAaron

As the interview open, it’s clear these fellas are making the best of life together – one joke at a time. After some confusion about how old each other are, the men quickly turn the moment into a laugh:

“Though there’s snow on the roof…there’s fire in the belly!”

“You better believe it!”

Ben decides to get the men’s take on current pop culture.  He has them first listen to Adele’s Rolling In The Deep.  Instructed to give the first thoughts that come to mind, Harvey and Eddy are not shy about sharing and their responses are hilarious:

“I’d go for that. You can dance to that. It’s good moves.”  

“I don’t like the tom-toms in the background”

Next they played a word association game with modern cultural references. Ben asks them to give their first response to “Snookie”. Harvey and Eddie instantly respond with giggles:


When we were young we said ‘Did you get any nookie?'”

The humor continues through their time together. Including our favorite moment when Eddy takes a phone call in the middle of Harvey’s interview question and doesn’t bat an eye.

WATCH: Harvey and Eddy, 85-Year-Old Best Friends

In a follow up video, Ben Aaron let’s the men know that their interview has gone viral. He asks them what they think it is about them that people love so much. Their responses are hysterical:

Eddy says pointing at Harvey, “He’s gorgeous!”

Harvey responds about himself, “Charisma!”

WATCH: Harvey And Eddy Talk About Going Viral

Harvey and Eddy continue to take the internet by storm. After requests for an update on the comical pair, Ben visited them again at Fair Lawn Senior Center in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

This time instead of asking the men about pop culture, Ben asks them to take him on a tour of their favorite things. The morning starts off with exercise at the senior center, followed by a visit to Harvey’s wife, Rhoda, and some makeover magic!

The clip ends with Eddie giving a ‘shout out’ to all the ladies: “I’m available!”

WATCH: Harvey And Eddy Take Us On A Day In Their Life

We love this duo! Everyone should be so lucky to have such a great friend throughout life. Harvey and Eddy prove that a little laughter goes a long way.

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